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for international corporate clients and full-spectrum agencies.

We’ve been translating successful, high-profile advertising, marketing and promotional campaigns for nearly 30 years.

we make your words
work worldwide

but how do we keep our international clients happy?

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What we do

We translate...
high-profile stuff for important people.Important people

We specialise in creative translation.
The cool term is ‘transcreation’.

High-profile stuff
High-profile stuffBy which we mean, stuff that makes a difference. That creates and reinforces a brand. Communicates an idea. Or sells products and services.

Stuff like ad campaigns, brochures, websites, digital signage, mailers, press releases. Humorous and colloquial, aimed at consumers. Or sophisticated and high-tech, aimed at businesses. Or both, of course…

Important people
Important peopleWe work with corporate clients, ranging from clothing companies to up-market jewellers to French perfumers, from international IT firms to financial services providers to the largest and most successful automotive companies.

We also work for advertising, marketing and PR agencies, recreating large-scale campaigns for business development agencies, B2C and B2B clients, and major development banks.

For nearly 30 years
Okay, so doing something for a long time can be a recipe for complacency.

But not in our sector.

We’re only ever as good as our last job. Which means our teams are constantly testing themselves, producing even better work, better ideas, finding even more effective equivalents for your creative concepts.for 25 years

In this case, longevity reflects ever-improving efficiency.

The Word Gym difference

The Word Gym difference

Transform the impact of your international campaigns

Make sure your words do the work they’re supposed to do.

We’re friendly

We treat every client, every job, as equally important. And we’re good listeners. We know what to listen for, and what questions to ask.

We’re easy to talk to, and if you leave us messages or ask us for information, quotes or advice, we get back to you quickly and efficiently.

We’re bright

Recently, we were gratified to discover that one of our clients, a well-known marcomms agency, refer to us as the specialists in ‘thought translation’.

That’s because we take the trouble to analyse texts before we even start to translate them, drawing up our own creative and copy briefs, highlighting potential ambiguities, identifying the key messages and linguistic challenges. And making intelligent suggestions to overcome them.

We give good advice

We’ve been producing high-quality translations for heavyweight campaigns for very demanding clients for 25 years. We’ve made mistakes, we’ve learned from them. And over time, we’ve gradually assembled teams who know how to make marketing, advertising and promotional copy work – and work hard – in other languages, in other markets.

Which means we can give you valuable advice on your campaigns and how they’ll work in your target markets.


We give great service

We’ve said it before, but it’s worth saying again: we’re only as good as our last job. Which is a great incentive to get things right! And that means giving great service.

That doesn’t mean obsequious service. It means intelligent, thoughtful service. It means we don’t hesitate to point out problem areas to you if we spot them. But it also means we always suggest intelligent solutions.

We’re interested

You can’t produce a good piece of copy unless you’re genuinely interested in what it’s describing. That applies just as much to translators as it does to copywriters. So we do our research. We soak ourselves in the target audience’s language – not just language language, but idiomatic language. How engineers talk to each other, or Generation Y. Or senior executives, or women at work.

Idiom, tone, register, colloquialisms, expectations, style. It’s all fascinating to us, and to our teams!

We care

We want you to do well. If you do well, we do well. Not least because of the glow of satisfaction that comes from getting it right. It’s simple: the better the impression you make, the better it reflects on us. And even though we’re tucked away behind the scenes in our specialised little niche, we’ve developed a reputation for excellence among those who know.

And that’s not because we sound cool, or patronising, or even because we always do good work. It’s because we care.

Making your words work worldwide

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